Lauren Clark

                 Don't forget to check out her stories. She's a great cover maker. An imaginative girl and a great writer. She's so great that you might actually want to be her!

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Lauren was the one who edited my first "Living with Guys" cover. 

See the HUGE difference in style?

Favorite Stories of Lauren: 

Beautiful Thirst

              When the new boy walks into Mkaela Bane's class, she is instantly drawn to him. But an incident occurred that had her questioning what he really was. His brother begins to act smitten around her, and jealousy takes the toll over everyone. Will Mkaela discover the true identity of these mysterious boys? Will she survive to keep the one she loves the most?

Children of the Night

            When Miranda begins to see strange things, she thinks she's going crazy. But now she has a crazy hunger for blood and any other food is disturbing to her. When a Mark appears on her forehead after a ravenous and bloody party, she learns that she is in the process of Turning into a Vampyr. A mysterious letter invited her to the School of Darkness, a place for fledglings like her to stay as they either complete the Change or reject it- to die.

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